idsva – journey to a PhD.

it’s a funny thing – to be surrounded by my peers in a video chat, discussing whatever latest text we have read. I’ll admit to being utterly perplexed at times and wishing there was a coffee shop where we could all sit in real time to hash out the underlying concepts and ideas. But there you have it: technology makes it possible for us to meet, discuss, ruminate and be confused en masse in a system called big blue button — something akin to Skype in which we can listen and speak to each other easily. I had no idea what I was tip toeing into when I started the program in 2013 … nor do I know where this journey will lead. What I have found, however, is a camaraderie that surrounds the exchange of ideas, and bonds that are formed over a mutual, concerted effort to learn. This post is really an expression of gratitude for my peers and their inspirational minds.

13 april 2015.

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